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Forced Order
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How many Step Up films are there?
In which city does the first Step Up film take place in?
Ryan Guzman portrayed which character?
What is Moose's real name?
Who meets his love interest while doing community service?
In what year did the first Step Up film come out?
House of Pirates and House of Samurai are featured in which Step Up film?
Who is fatally shot after stealing a car in Step Up 1?
Who attended NYU before moving to Miami, Florida?
What is the name of the school that is trashed in Step Up 1?
In how many of the Step Up films is Moose in?
Who starts a new crew after being kicked out of 410 Crew?
Who is Tyler's little sister?
Who gets his first kiss at the end of Step Up 2: The Streets?
Whose brother is the leader of their rival crew?
What is the name of the crew that brought paintings and statues to life?
In how many of the Step Up films is Camille in?
LMNTRIX is a crew created in which Step Up film?
Who decides to attend California Film Academy?
Whose brother is the director of his school?
Who says: 'The streets are supposed to be about different people coming together... We call this a battle but what are we fighting for?'
And who says: 'Does it always have to end up in a big, giant dance battle?'

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