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Maroon is the least favourite colour of which character?
What is the middle name of Harry Potter?
What is Dobby's favourite article of clothing?
Who does Neville take to the Yule Ball?
Who was the last to die from the Marauders?
Which character is known to play the piano (from the films)?
On what special day do Fred and George Weasley have their birthday on?
Who was close to receiving the Order of Merlin, First Class for capturing Sirius Black?
Which character's name is also the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom and war?
Name someone who was a Quidditch commentator for Hogwarts (during Harry's time in school)
Who is known to speak over 200 languages?
The Dursley family is like a Muggle family version of the...?
Who gained publicity for supposedly being the first person to escape Azkaban?
Who breaks the Lost Prophecy orb (in the books)?
Who received a necklace that read 'My Sweetheart'?
Which character looks similar to Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
The only person to whom Harry gave an autograph was...?
Who was especially fond of sherry?
Name a human character who has a chapter named after them
Who was sacked as a governor of Hogwarts?
Which member of the Hogwarts staff is not a wizard or witch?
What is Voldemort's uncle's name?
Whose parents are dentists?
Who was the Minister of Magic before Pius Thicknesse?
Parvati Patil's closest friend in Hogwarts was...?
Who is Harry's favourite Defence Against the Dark Arts professor?
Whose favourite colour is lilac?
Who was the least popular Headmaster of Hogwarts school?
Who was cast out of his colony due to accepting to work for a human?
Whose name means 'flower of the court' in French?'
Who used to be a Beater for both the Wimbourne Wasps and the English National Quidditch Team?
Who did Harry go with to Slughorn's Chrimstas party?
Who was wrongly accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets (and even expelled)?
Who said: 'What Cornelius doesn't know, cannot hurt him'?

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