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Can you name the Villains from the Disney movies?

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Forced Order
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Who is the first Disney Villain in a Disney movie?
The female villain that is green skinned, has yellow eyes and has black horns is...?
Who is the arch-nemesis of Mickey Mouse? (Hint: He's a cat)
Cerberus, a three headed dog, is which Disney villian's pet?
Which Disney villain turns into a snake in the most climatic battle with the hero?
Which villain has his/her left hand missing?
Who gets eaten by hyenas?
Which villain likes money and fur?
Which Disney villain is half human and half sea animal?
Which villain lives in the JUNGLE and is scared of fire?
The villain song 'Hellfire' is sung by which deeply religious man?
Which Disney villain uses dark voodoo magic?
Sir Hiss is the snake of which thumb-sucking villain?
Which villain do we never see?
The one villian that kills his brother and becomes king is...?
Which villain insists that 'All ways are my ways!'?
Queen Narissa, from 'Enchanted', was inspired by which villainess? (Hint: the villainess likes apples)
What are the names of Hades's 2 minions?
What's the name of the villain who's main goal is to marry the Disney Princess?
Which villain has curly black hair (the opposite of the Disney princess in the film)?
Which villain symbolises the deadly sin of Greed, due to his craving for gold?
Which villain wants one of her daughters to marry the prince?
Who tries to become Empress by poisoning the hero, but accidentally turning him into an animal?
Who is the villain who's secret agenda is to sell gorillas in the black market?
A pet raven named Diablo belongs to which Disney villain?
Si and Am sing the 'Siamese Cat Song' in which movie?
Which 2 villains stab their enemy and then fall a great distance to their deaths?
Which villain does not have his own song, and is the leader of the Huns?
The villain that gets very angry when 'her darlings' are killed is...? (Hint: they're efficient, sly and have a magical eye)
What is the name of the con-man who convinces a puppet that the life of an actor is the best life?
Which villain is power-hungry, manipulative and cruel underneath the charming and kind persona?
Which villain is a psychopath, with no remorse and an obsessive desire for power, who gets killed by his former pet?

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