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Who is the first Disney Princess?
Who was the last princess to join the Disney Princesses?
How many Disney Princesses are there?
Which Princess has no royalty ties, but is still included in the list?
Which fairy was once included as a Disney princess but was later decided that she did not suit the princess 'mythology'?
Which princess has a step-mother (and is German)?
Who is the first princess to be inspired by a real-life person?
Which princess owns a tiger?
From the Disney Princess list, who is strawberry-blonde?
Aurora means 'dawn' or 'sunrise' in which language?
Which princess has triplet brothers?
Which 2 princesses didn't know they were princesses while growing up?
Which princess is the only one to not sing the film's theme song?
From the princesses, which one was not born human?
Who was the first princess to kill the film's main villain?
Which princess couldn't leave her home because 'mother knows best'?
Which princess is a deuteragonist? (Is a secondary main character in the film)
Who is the only princess that has her mother alive and her father dead?
Which 2 princesses were forced to be household servants, to hide their outer beauty?
Who is the first princess to not be saved by a prince at the end of the film, in order to live happily ever after?
Which 2 princesses were physically transformed during their films?
Who is the most popular and iconic Disney Princess?
Which princess has a tattoo on her arm?
Belle is French for...?
Which princess is the only one NOT to have a love interest in her film?
Who is the first Disney Princess to be saved by 'Love's First Kiss'?
The only princess to have green eyes is...?
Which princess dances on clouds with her prince?
Which princess did not end up with her Disney Prince?
Which 2 princesses have red hair?
From the princess list, who is the only one that doesn't kiss her prince in her first film?

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