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Forced Order
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How many episodes are there in total?
Which actor/actress has been in every single episode of Charmed (including the pilot)?
Which sister is a vegetarian?
Who was Prue's biggest love?
Who used to sit at the back of the class in high school, drawing on her jeans?
Who is the godmother of Wyatt Halliwell?
Who has a closet filled with plaid shirts?
Who ends up in a cosmic void between life and death as punishment for their crimes?
Who is the first sister to change into a magical being?
Which evil witch was Phoebe in her past life?
Who was the only witch that one of the sisters dated?
Which sister had contact with Cole after his death in season 5?
Who cries everytime they watch 'The Wizard of Oz'?
Who was the first sister to be married?
Which of the sisters has never been to the future?
Who used to work as a banker?
Which sister had the most changes in her hair and clothing style?
Phoebe's favourite movie is...?
Who ruined Piper's grand wedding?
Who was the last cast member to be added to the Charmed opening credits?
Henry Mitchell is the husband of which witch?
Who was the most interested in magic in season 1 and the most interested in being a mortal in season 8?
Who is the tallest of the Charmed Ones?
Who is the only sister to have green eyes?
Who is found to be the true heir to the legendary sword Excalibur?
Who used to paint frequently during their early twenties?
Which sister has only female children?
Who got promoted to Lieutenant through the help of Leo?
From the sisters, who is the first to visit the Heavens?
Who was a cheerleader and class president in high school?
Who does Paige hire as the new Literature Professor at Magic School?
Which sister lost her unborn son?
Who from the sisters is claustrophobic?
Which sister was killed by an elemental demon, like her mother?
Which sister got married 3 times?
Who had an inferiority complex with their older brother?
Which sister's greatest fear is turning evil?
Prue adopted the identity of which mortal hit-woman?
Who was the main antagonist in the first 4 seasons?
Cinderella is whose favourite story?
Who once owned a pet bird named Oscar?
Who was once married before marrying a Charmed One?
Which sister shares many traits with her nephew Chris?
Who were Piper's love interests in season 2?
For almost 20 years which words could Prue not say?

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