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Can you name the Charmed episode titles by the first letters (Season 2)?

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First letters of Charmed episode titlesEpisodeDescription
W_ T_A demon steals the Book of Shadows and reverses their spells
M_ B_The sisters travel 10 years into the future to learn about Phoebe's vision
T_ P_ W_Prue has an innocent to save in a painting
T_ D_ M_Leo requires the help of the sisters to uncover a secret with Dishwalla
S_ A_ M_ B_ A_ M_The sisters cast a spell, hoping to find the man-killing sexual predator demon
T_ O_ B_ M_The sisters need to find the Chosen One who is the only one who can use the magical staff for good
T_ E_The sisters need to stop the knowledge-stealing warlocks from finding the location of one of the greatest sources of power
P_ H_With a water demon killing people, the sisters have to revisit the camp where their mother died.
M_ H_Prue goes undercover as the woman who tried to kill them.
H_ C_The sisters have to deal with a demon before he can break too many hearts in San Francisco.
R_ A_The sisters have to find a way to vanquish a ghost before it can kill the last male in the family line.
First letters of Charmed episode titlesEpisodeDescription
A_Piper contracts a life-threatening virus and the sisters come up with a magical solution.
A_ P_With Valentine's day on its way, some lonely women cast a spell with surprising results.
P_ M_ P_Phoebe gets flashes from one of her past life, warning her of a curse.
G_ M_ A_ S_Prue gets kidnapped by a familiar face, while her sisters get clues to her whereabouts.
M_ L_The sisters have to deal with a demon intent on killing a woman and her luck.
H_ T_ M_ A_ Q_ O_ O_ A_The sisters get a surprise visit from someone who wants to use them to gain back her youth.
C_ F_The sisters have to deal with a demon who can bring characters from horror movies to life.
E_ L_One of Phoebe's classmates is murdered and the sisters have to find out who's responsible.
A_ M_The doctor that treated Piper accidentally discovers and gains the sisters' powers.
A_ N_Piper and Phoebe have to work with the 3 Horsemen to bring back Prue and the fourth Horseman.
B_ C_ W_ Y_ W_ F_The sisters come across a Genie, who grants them each a wish.

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