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At what age did Aang become an airbending master?
What is the name of the first episode?
Who is the only member of Team Avatar with a known last name?
A pet hawk named Hawky belonged to whom?
Who was Katara's first known crush?
Who is the longest lived Avatar in history?
Which character has an entire episode to himself?
Who is the only person to have participated in all the water duels shown in the series?
Who died while combating a volcanic eruption?
Whose romantic partners have names that mean 'moon' in different languages?
Which human member of Team Avatar never went on a 'field trip' with Zuko by the end of the series?
Who has met the original source of every bending art?
Who almost became the first known female Fire Lord?
Which member of Team Avatar did not have his/her life dramatically changed by the Hundred Year War?
Iroh created lightning re-direction by studying which of the elemental bending arts?
Whose favourite pastime is shopping?
Who are the only known earthbenders to shift loyalty to the fire nation?
Who was almost killed twice by her/his own lightning?
Who is the only person to wear nail polish?
Who is the only person in the series to whom Azula ever apologised?
Who takes part in all 3 Agni Kais shown in the series?
Which firebending masters are not firebenders at all?
Who has been kissed the most times during the series?
Who had the last line in the show?

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