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Some of my current & all time favourite songs. with a few Jaffas in there ;)

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*song name*, put respect on it If that's your ho, why my dick got her mouth on it? I'm from the south, I got diamonds in my teeth I got fur on my fleece
*song name*? We not new to it We countin' fluent I'm scammin' a wood, my cup full of mud I came out the hood
24 hours got me seeing blue dragons Molly and the Henny got me speaking different language Thinking 'bout the world now my mind, no tragic
Ain't never freein' up and never let y'all, man We always forgive but don't forget easily (Oh, no) Cut my phone off so they can never reach me Life is just a maze
All these designer on my body got me drip, drip, ayy Straight up out the Yajects, I'm a big Crip If I got a pint of lean, I'ma sip, sip
All these drugs that I'm on take my soul and my body I'm a young rich n***a, bitch, I'm a *song name* Laid up with your bitch, kick it, eatin' calamari
Audemar wrist, count it then spend it (Ah) Matted the coupe, my windows tinted (Yeah, oh, *song name*) Chop off the top, headed to Lenox (Yeah) I got some cash, I wanna spend it
Baby, when the sun is out, it's like I'm not myself *song name*, make it night so I can handle you Baby, when the moon is out, I finally know myself
Believe me, my belt got notches Safe full of diamonds, a couple nice watches Made some mistakes and they think they could stop us But Tiger plays golf and the whole world watches
Brand new Chanels (Chanels) I scuffed 'em runnin' from 12 (12) Ain't make no commitment with none of you bitches 'Cause money is treatin' me well (Uh-uh)
Couple man called me a backup dancer Onstage at the BRITs, I'm a backup dancer If that makes me a backup dancer The man in your vids? Backup dancer
Diamonds in my dental, ask what it hit for She say I'm sweet, I'ma cover incidentals Swoop you where you at, I got you, ten-four
F*ck a bitch and then I put it in a bitch throat (Bitch throat) Never give a bitch yo' phone, that's a no-no (Hell nah) Off tops, new chain and my wrist froze (On the gang)
F*ck then I leave 'cause I don't want you That's why I never got the chance to come and stay with you Make you my baby, make you my lady, take you away
Feelin' lost, don't know what to do But I just got some head in the back of my coupe Still feelin' dead when I think about you
First they mockin', now they hoppin' All on the wave, 'cause they see me poppin' Big-big-big large pockets, they start flockin' Here's what I say when they ass keep knockin'
George W. Bush right on her pussy, yeah (Uh, Uh, Uh) Yeah, Curious George n***a lookin' boy, you so puss', yeah (Uh, uh, yeah, yeah)
Growin' up, my mama beat my ass, then cleaned my mouth with soap (Soap) Now she showin' up to work in a Balenciaga coat *song name*, got your life 'round my neck
Had my first show at the end of '15 (yeah) First video came summer '16 (yeah) Success is my revenge and it tasted so sweet (swet) She left me on seen, now she suck me no teeth (me)
Henny in my system, I'm gone (I'm gone) Speedin' on the E way, all gone (gone) Girl you put up with that n***a? You strong (you strong) Ain't no need to play games, I'm grown
I'll do it over again I didn't want it to end I watch it blow in the wind I should've listened to my friends
I'm a beast, I'm a God, mm, n***a, let that sh*t fly N***a, you don't want no problem I be feelin' like Batman, my n***as always robbin'
I'm sticked up, like a blind man I'm super hot, like a frying pan He said that he gon' take some from me Ayy, just know, he lyin' man
I ain't wear no suit and tie right now but I give the n***a the business I should've killed my cousin that night 'cause he was my only witness
Ice water, turned Atlantic (Freeze) Nightcrawlin' in the Phantom (Skrrt, Skrrt) Told them hoes that don't you panic Took an island, (Yeah) flood the mansion (Big water)
I don't got a reason to lie, they gave me the key to the sky But I'd rather open my eyes, 'cause that's what'll keep me alive Somethin' that's easin' my mind (Mind),
I do the BlocBoy JB on a brick (Skrrt, skrrt) Make your crew do the Electric Slide with this stick (Straight up) She don't get no new Chanel, she gon' throw a fit (Straight up)
I go all night and sh*t, ain't gotta hide this sh*t This sh*t's a freestyle, I ain't even write this sh*t Roll me some Marty and I’m finna light this sh*t (ayy, yeah)
I got a couple of mansions Still I don't have any manners You got a couple of ghost writers But to these kids it don't actually matter
I got old school, yeah, in the backyard (Back) In the black car (Uh), I'm a black boy (Yeah) What's your net, boy? Huh Check this neck, boy (Slatt) Got these black diamonds (Yeah)
I just left Houston, I just left Earth Lean in my cup, gas in my blunt Got some hoes who gon' f*ck I'm still pouring up
I need a celebration Celebrating hella patience I was down but now I'm up I'm celebrating elevation Up Ex's hate but I know its love Everyone late on the train but us
In reality, I'm 5'4' Stand on my money, now I'm 6'6' Hit her once, now she dismissed Can't f*ck her sister, make her lick dick
I wish the enemy harm (Harm) Huh, bitch, I'm a star (Star) Foreign lil' whip and I'm whippin' this car (Car) I might just park in the yard (Yard)
just walked to Gucci, bought that brand new bag (ooh, yeah) Put my .40 in and then removed the tags (no) No matter how much money, that boy got a past (ooh, yeah)
Last altercation, got a hundred rounds in him (On my mama) All my spots got a lot of bloodhounds in 'em (On your mama) Ain’t no furniture, it's just a lot of pounds in 'em
Like, where these n***as at? Ayy, where these n***as at? I'ma pull up in the big body with the f*ckin' MAC If the opps try to turn my song off, run it back
Loyalty mandatory, you part of this crew (Part of this crew) *song name*, ten thousand on shoes (Spending addiction) Spend with no limit, a hundred on jewels (A hundred on j
My new crib, it's so big, this sh*t got a office I was off a thirty, this sh*t made me nauseous My new car on derbies, automatic parking
My wrist cost a hundred, no cap (Cap) I left out the house with my strap (Strap) In Atlanta, we f*ckin' the nats (Nats) I f*ck her once, give her back (Back)
N***as tryna clone and tryna make another me My baby momma b*tching, but she still be f*cking me You blowing up her phone and she steady sucking me Woah, woah, you a sucker, sucker
Off a addy pill, I'ma f*ck her 'til she brainless House up in the hills, all of my neighbors are famous Foreigns in the front, you would think a n***a racing
Old swag, new flow (Flow, flow) New flow (Flow), old flow (Old flow) *song name* (Yeah-yeah), new ho (Ho, what?) Old money, new flow (New flow, what?)
Overtime and *song name* (Due) Ain't no sleep, that is old news (Old news) Been outside, that's with the crew (Yeah) Made my night up on the move (On the move)
Rule number two, don't make the promise If you can't keep the deal then just be honest (Be honest) I could never die, I'm Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris) F*ck the government
She a dancer, *song name* ,High as NASA ,I can’t land (ah) This the xan love This the xan love You don’t trust me I don’t trust me either too
She from California, said she don't know where the 'Ville is Shout out to the hometown, I know that they gon' feel this When I hit the club, I walk in with a small village
She say I'm insane, yeah I might blow my brain out (Hey) Xanny, help the pain, yeah Please, Xanny, make it go away I'm committed, not addicted, but it keep control of me
That money be callin', I don't do no talkin', so get the f*ck outta my face Gotta TEC and a chopper, with a hundred thousand dollars up in the Wraith
They all up in my inbox, so I know they want a taste I know they want my downfall, lil' ****, are you laced?
Thinkin' back to the fact that they dead Thought my raps wasn't facts 'til they sat with the bars I got two phones, one need a charge Yeah, they twins, I could tell they ass apart
Uh, damn—last girl signed the divorce, so what? Now I'm focused and we 'bout to all blow up We just tryna make the whole crowd go nuts (what?)
Uh, okay (Yeah), shawty know what's up, ooh Shawty want a rockstar, huh Shawty want a Wockstar, okay Shawty want a rockstar
Wanna give a bitch my heart but I can't though I can't fall in love with a stank ho Lil' bitch I fell in love with the bank ho And you know I love that good drank, ho
Yeah, I sold the pack, the loose, the hard (Yeah) I listened to X, I peeped the bars (Yeah)
Yeah, uh, far from the minimum, killin' 'em with no Ritalin And 5'9' was the middleman to get 'em in the same room Now we on the same tune, and we sealed the game's doom
You became a f*ckin' critic 'cause you lack any skill Tried to make up with your mouth what you lack on the field You don't even know yourself 'cause you lack being real
You my bitch, I can't share you with nobody (Yeah) My whips just like my women 'cause they all exotic (Exotic) We been f*ckin' for a year, they still don't know about it
Your ho stay calling, don't know why she doing that Callin' my phone, I hate when she doing that Been on my VLONE, my **** been doing that I **** your bitch, yeah I been doing it
You was waiting, I was chasing Stomping out the store, Gucci bracelet No hesitation, what's the hold up? (what?) Flyin' in a foreign, doing donuts

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