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How much do you know about Feminist art and Judy Chicago? Lets find out!

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1) One of Judy Chicago’s best pieces was described as trajectory and illuminating. What was Judy Chicago’s most monumental work of art?
2) What was the name of the first national organization that Chicago created during the feminist movement in 1970?
3) Judy Chicago had many classes for which people could learn more about her policies and thoughts on feminism, did men or women attend these classes?
4) Where is Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” now permanently installed?
5) What famous art piece by Chicago was representative of the female sex organ, and makes slight references to the “Trippiness” and drugs that Chicago took when she was younger
6) What work of Art did Chicago create in 1984 that was representative of a squatting woman giving birth to the egg of life?
7) What kind of artwork did Chicago steer towards in her early art years versus her feminist art years?
8) What about Chicago’s second marriage to her husband represented her strength in being a feminist and rejection of normal tradition?
9) In what year did Judy Chicago start creating her most intense and controversial work?
10) Why was Chicago’s famous piece, “The Dinner Party” originally stored and dismantled after being shown to critics and guests?
11) Judy Chicago played a big role in an exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York in 1966. What was the name of the exhibition that she took part in?
12) Who co-founded the Feminist Art Program with Judy Chicago and supported her throughout the Feminist Art Movement itself?
13) After her first husband passed when she was 23, Judy Chicago went into mourning and had issues with self-identity and grief. During this time she created an art chronicles, wha
14) Judy Chicago currently has three pieces for sale, one of which represents the power of childbirth priced at $7,300 and was created in 1985. What is the name of this piece?
15) There were three famous projects that Chicago created in an attempt to interpret pedagogy, what are the names of these three movements?
16) When did Chicago decide that many people had the perception that one could not be a woman and an artist at the same time?
17) For a decade, Chicago created many of her artwork under the disguise of doing what?
18) Judy Chicago created a multi-room installation of feminine performances that was strictly centered on female experiences; what was the name of this place?
19) Many of Judy Chicago’s works were spiral layered patterns used with acrylic spray painting. She described these paintings as what?
20) In the 1970s, Judy describes that she wanted to only teach female students, what year did she decide to change her perspective and teach both male and female students?
21) According to Freda Rosenberg, a colleague of Chicago, what does she describe pedagogy as?
22) Chicago’s Pedagogy theories were described in a sequence of three, what were the names in the sequence?
23) What was Chicago’s central goal of the Feminist Art Movement?
24) In her later years, Chicago has explored masculine concepts as well and created a large-scale series of paintings, what was the name of this series?
25) Chicago spent 8 long years on a project dedicated to a very controversial, culminating imagery multimedia installation. What was the name of this project?
26) Aside from being an artist Chicago took part in also becoming what?
27) How long has Chicago been creating artwork?
28) Which art piece did Chicago recently create in 2010?
29) Chicago preferred to guide and facilitate her students with what three tactics when creating art?
30) Chicago describes factors that are non-determining in her teaching methodology; what are they

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