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Can you name the key facts on tectonic events?

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As a result of the ash cloud from the Eyjafallajökull eruption in 2010 kenya lost $7.6 million due to how many tonnes of flowers being in-able to be air-shipped to the Uk
Worldwide airline industry lost how much ($) due to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption
What was the cost ($) of barriers to divert lava from the mount Etna eruption in 1983
and what was the estimated cost ($) if barriers were not built. Between $5 million and
How many countries affected by the Boxing day Tsunami
The 9.1 magnitude earthquake was followed by a how high tsunami wave
How many people died in the Boxing day tsunami
How many cancellations resulted from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption
What year was the Boxing day Tsunami
1000s of poorly built schools collapsed during the sichuan earthquake of 2008, how many student died
6 scientist were convicted of giving false information to the public during what earthquake in italy
How many people became homeless during this event
Since the 1900s how many lives have been lost due to natural disasters
The single largest economic loss came from what event
what was the total damage of the event ($)
This earthquake was at a shallow depth of how many km
What magnitude was the event
In the Soufriere hills eruption 1995 the area the size of what area was destroyed
The airport was destroyed and what industry was destroyed
The Haiti earthquake of 2010 shrank Haiti's GDP by how much
1.5 million people were displaced how many are still homeless in 2015
Haiti is ? out of 175 in the corruption index
what disease was responsible for many lives in the Haiti earthquake
What percentage of government officials were killed during the Haiti earthquake
At least how many landslides were initiated by the Nepal earthquake of 2015
How many people were left homeless during The Nepal earthquake 2015
What town built in the path of a volcano was destroyed during the Nevado del Ruiz eruption 1985
How many people died as a result
The Lahar travelled how fast
What was the damage of the christ church earthquake 2010-11 ($)
The damage was mostly _______ losses
How many died during the christ church earthquake 2010-11
What secondary impact occurred during the christ church earthquake
The mount pinatubo eruption in Philippines damaged how many aircraft
The ecomomic damage of thepinatubo eruption in Philippines was ($)

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