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Forced Order
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How did Seventeen get it's name? (answer in this format: biggest number+smaller number+smallest number=17)
What is Hoshi's most popular nickname?
Back in seventeen project, what song did the Hip-hop team cover?
Who was supposed to be the maknae of Seventeen?
What is the 5th track in their love and letter album?
Which member in Seventeen never had a girlfriend before?
What is Woozi's role in Seventeen?
What is the ship name of Wonwoo and Mingyu?
In 17 tv, who was the first member to wake up?
Who was the last member to wake up?
Release Date of 17 carat album? (MMDDYYYY)
Release date of Pretty U MV? (MMDDYYYY)
Date of first win? (MMDDYYYY)
Who sang the last sentence in Mansae?
What sport did Hoshi play since young?
Where is Jun from? (specific city)
Dino's role model?
Who's afraid of eating lemons?
What colour was Mingyu's hair during Mansae era?
In OFD, who planned to send a raw chicken back to Yeoseodo?

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