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Who was the little sister Infinite had to take care of in 'YAMO'?
When was 'Come Back Again' uploaded? (MMDDYYYY)
When was Infinite's first win? (MMDDYYYY)
When was 'Still I remember' uploaded? (MMDDYYYY)
Which album was 'Up to you/Take care of the Ending' in?
In Ranking King, who wore a hanbok?
Who has been on 'Law of the Jungle'? (Answer in this format (if there is more than one): ___ and ___)
When asked to spell 'ELEMENTARY', what did Hoya spell instead?
What role did Myungsoo play in 'Cunning Single Lady'?
What musical did Sunggyu and Dongwoo take part in?
In 'Sesame Player' who filmed the members while they were sleeping? (Answer in this format (if there is more than one): ___ and ___)
Which song is this fanchant from? Fanchant: Eodigayo Eodiyeocha Iilchiwojjang Infinite!
Who sang this line in Can U Smile? Line: Nan dasi saenggakhae
In 'Heart-a-tag' Myungsoo said ____ was his favourite song.
In their 6th Anniversary Live Stream, what did Sungjong act as?
What is Ah-ga/Baby's breed?
Who cooked Army Stew in 'Infinite Showtime'?
Which episode of 'Running Man' was Dongwoo on?
On 'A Song for You' who got Sunggyu's part in 'Be Mine'?
Who has a golden tooth?

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