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Are you an Ah Ga Sae? Or are you just a regular fan? Take this quiz to find out!

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What date was 'Fly'MV released on (DDMMYYYY)
At what age did BamBam audition in JYP?
How many relationship does Jackson had in the past?
How many piercing does JB has?
Who attended Sewon High School?
What season was it when Jackson first came to Korea?
On the Markson show (ASC) what nickname did Jackson called Mark?
If Junior was given a superpower, what would it be?
Who is the most flexible member?
In Got7's Mini album 'Flight log departure', which is the 4th track?
What phobia does Mark have? (scientific name)
Which member does Yugyeom likes the most/ close to the most?
What sickness is Jackson suffering from? (something to do with his vision)
What food does YoungJae hate?
In Got7's 5 seconds interview, which dance move in Got7's songs does Junior likes the most?
Which body part of Yugyeom is he most proud of?
What is Mark's favorite winter sport?
Which Got7 member does Jackson want to form a sub unit with?
Where does Bambam want to travel to with his mum?
Which member does Yugyeom want to date if they are girls?

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