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Edward I - Date of Accession
seized the gains from crusading tax
osney annalist
J. R. Maddicott England was already when in 1274 he attends to Gascony first
Harriss - loss of ricardi
attempt to raise an 8th only with the assent of
Pope Boniface VIII - forbade the clergy to pay taxes to lay leaders in his bull of January 1297.
Prestwich taxation placed a ...
Pierre de Langtoft
1297 parliament - Salisbury where Edward asked magnates to serve in Gascony. Roger Bigod the earl of Norfolk - refusal
decision to pardon criminals in order to fight indicated his sacrifice of law and order for international conflict.
1297 - Prestwich
G. L. Harriss - crisis of 1297
judicial inquiry into malpractices during the war 1290s
denholm-young said about his legacy/effects
4th clause of the coronation oath
vita - on the ordinances
Gaveson executed - year
vita on elder despenser
Lanercrost chronicle on execution of Lancaster
Vita on the terror
Pipewell - on the terror
statute of york
Pipewell - on the loss of land
Date - humiliation @ Bannockburn
truce with scots
antagonisation of isabella - when
letter to eii
articles of deposition
John Linguard
Bishop Stubbs
1341 - Ayton re war ...
statute of Pleading
Parliament was for the first time opened in English.
1341 early of surrey - about peerage
Bothwell – demographic crisis - 60 families in 1300
1341 plt- John Stratford - re deposition
direct lay taxation between
recognised the power of the keepers of the peace
1363 tribute in Plt
The Good Parliament of 1376 impeachments
Good friend of EIII /Responsible for financing the war in years of victory (12 years)
assumed the title King of France
France agrees to cede Aquitaine and other territories(1/3 of France) under full sovereignty + £666,666 for ransom of John / = England abandoned claim for the French throne + John
Wars were according to Nicholson
Resurrected the international reputation of the English Jean Le Bel
GP Proceedings of PLT
EIII resumed title K of F
1330 Nottingham coup - Edward III -proclamation govern

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