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Can you name the obscure HTTYD Dragon Breeds?

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The breed on which the group flies back to Berk on in HTTYD 2It begins with S
The breed which attracts vikings with the smell of chocolateIt has more than one head
The breed which uses a veil of smoke to hide from it's enemiesIt is a small dragon
The breed which uses electricity in the oceanIt has two heads
The breed which glowsAstrid's family had a feud with a dragon of this breed
The breed of the dragon that lost it's leg and now resides in Valka's SanctuaryIt begins with S
The daughter of a dragon queen whose skin is hotter than the surface of the sunThe daughter of a queen is a princess
This breed was discovered by the teens and is similar in appearance to the TimberjackIt has a unique flying pattern
This dragon was encountered by a young GothiIt prefers cold environments
This breed uses a siren-like sound to lure other dragons to their doomIt has an amber-like substance that traps dragons instead of fire

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