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mom is a bruja (witch)
NAME who is the 'OG of the OC'
daughter is a supermodel dated Joe Jonas
scary island
kim d's porsche fashion show
throw fake leg at dinner
lawyer marries an ex-convict
redid their vows on tv, now divorced
NAME lauren manzo's husband
NAME who sings 'money can't buy you class'
lied about having cancer
witchmountain childstar
NAME the scottish husband of Alex from NY
NAME who does the table flip
bottled black water
table flip
gone with the wind fabulous
smokes e-cigs at a dinner
NAME phaedra's son's nickname (adian)
vanderpump spin off show came from
'is bitch better?'
NAME who believes underground railroad is a train
NAME of lisa vanderpumps dog
'why would you trust a girl that has bigger tits than her head?'
'shoot me if i am in a club at the age of 40'
son wanted to have a carwash stripclub
crashed white house dinner
'i just wanted to shift her wig a bit'
bodyguard named Danny
peed on a bed in mexico from laughing

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