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Years in NHLTeamHint
1917-presWon 24 Stanley Cups
1917-1918Played in only six games
1917-1919Won 1918 Stanley Cup
1917-1931Won four Stanley Cups
1919-1920Went 4-20-0 in only season
1919-1926Won 1922 Stanley Cup
1920-1925Had NHL best record in 1924-25
1924-presFirst American based team
1924-1938Won two Stanley Cups
1925-1930Shared name with baseball team
1925-1941Had only three winning seasons
1926-presWon fourth Stanley Cup in 2010
1926-presWon fourth Stanley Cup in 1994
1926-presWon 11 Stanley Cups
1926-1930Coached by Jack Adams
1930-1931Went 4-36-4 in only season
1930-1932Coached by Jack Adams
1932-presWon 11 Stanley Cups
1932-1934Returned after one year hiatus
1934-1935Went 11-31-6 in only season
1941-1942Renamed for 41-42 season
1967-presLost 1993 Stanley Cup Finals
1967-presWon two Stanley Cups
1967-presWon three Stanley Cups
1967-presMade playoffs 25 years in a row
1967-1970Made playoffs twice
1967-1993Went to two Stanley Cup Finals
1970-presLost 1999 Stanley Cup Finals
1970-presLost 1994 Stanley Cup Finals
Years in NHLTeamHint
1970-1976No playoff appearances
1972-presWon four straight Stanley Cups
1972-1980Won two playoff games (2-15)
1974-presLost 1998 Stanley Cup Finals
1974-1976Went 27-110-23 in two seasons
1976-1978Went 47-87-26 in two seasons
1976-1982Only playoff appearance in 1978
1979-presWon five Stanley Cups
1979-1995Won Northeast Division in 1995
1979-1996Won only two playoff rounds
1979-1997Won only playoff round in 1986
1980-presWon 1989 Stanley Cup
1982-presWon three Stanley Cups
1991-presWon President's Trophy in 2009
1992-presLost 2007 Stanley Cup Finals
1992-presWon 2004 Stanley Cup
1993-presWon 1999 Stanley Cup
1993-presLost 1996 Stanley Cup Finals
1993-2006Lost 2003 Stanley Cup Finals
1995-presWon two Stanley Cups
1996-presWon 50 games in 09-10 season
1997-presWon 2006 Stanley Cup
1998-presWon 51 games in 06-07 season
1999-2011Won Southeast Division in 2007
2000-presOnly playoff appearence in 2009
2000-presLost Conference Finals in 2003
2006-presWon 2007 Stanley Cup
2011-presWill play in Southeast in 2011

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