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defame, speak ill of, attack the reputation of
forcing rigid conformity
refuse to deal with as a means of protest and persuasion
commonplace, dull, uninspired
easily managed, controlled, or taught; gentle; submissive
ban; ostrasize
humdrum; mundane
obedient; amenable
slander: belittle
unyielding; ruthlessly rigid
Explanation of WordsGuess the WordsYay! You Did it!
Many political canidates _________ each other and point out flaws when trying to win the election.
Although English bulldogs sometimes look terrifying in appearance, they are gentle and nice. They are ______ not hostile.
Martin Luther King and others organized bus ________ until the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Montgomery to integrate its busing in 1956.
Rainy Monday mornings can be _______. It is difficult to be at school and sometimes difficult to keep your eyes open.
Communist countries are known to have very_______ governments.
prosaic-(adj.) make into an adverb
denigrate-(verb) make into an adjective
denigrate-(verb) make into a noun
This word can be either a noun or a verb.
docile-(adj.) make into a noun

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