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What is Birkhoff's first name?
What state is Division in?
Who is Alex's neighbor when she lives in her apartment?
What was Nikita's first fiancee's last name?
Where do Owen and Nikita find the second black box?
What is the program Alex and Nikita use to communicate?
Which member of Oversights nickname was Midas?
Where was Owen stationed first?
What is Amanda's nickname?
What was the name of Nikita's foster dad?
Who kills Kasim Tariq?
What was Owen's girlfriends name?
Where did Owen hide the first black box?
What is Birkhoffs software called?
How many beats per minute does Alex have to get her heart rate down to unlock the straight jacket?
What is Nikita's partner Ryan's last name?
What does Alex throw a chair at in her fight with Jaden?
How many tattoos does Alex have?
What is Alex's fathers company called?
What is Robbie's second job?
Who killed Daniel?
Who got Nikita clean?
Who does Nikita save besides Prince Erik in Coup de Grace?
How much money does Birkhoff lose in episode 'Shadow Walker.'
Who is the first person Alex kills?
What is Alex's last name?
Who survived operation Pale Fire?
How many black boxes are there?
What episode does Michael join Nikita?
Who had a relationship with Amanda?
How many safe houses does Team Nikita go through?
How did Nikita end up in prison the first time?
Whats Percy's last name?

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