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Name the city where the show takes place.
Name the doctor who is played by Eric Dane.
Name the Bartender.
Name the creator of the show.
Day of the week the show originally aired in the US
Name the patient who made the clinical trial a success
Which was Dr. Burke's final season?
What is the name of the bar near the hospital?
What was the name of the biker who kissed Meredith in season 1?
Name Meredith's parents.
Name Izzie's hockey player boyfriend.
How many interns did Bailey have?
What color was the shirt that Derek was wearing when he first met Meredith?
In which season was Denny a patient?
What was the name of the death row patient in season 5?
Give the first names of the four heart doctors who have been on the show.(in order)
What is Callie and Cristina's apartment number (the new place not Buke's place)?
Who is the first patient Meredith and Derek worked on together?
Who went into labor the same day that her husband was in a car crash(First and last name)?
What did George write in Meredith's hand to make himself no longer John Doe?

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