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A: First name of Doctor from Iowa
B: Last name of short general surgeon
C: Derek's favorite band
D: College Meredith went to
E: Meredith's mother's name
F: Name of Doc's vet
G: Doctor whose nickname is 007
H: Name of doctor whose grandson worked at Mercy West and is now at Seattle Grace. This man has an award named after himself
I: Derek's favorite color
J: One of the O'malley boys
K: Meredith and Derek's first patient together
L: Meredith's half sister who is a doctor
M: Meredith's half sister who was a patient
N: Derek's specialty
O: Nurse who has dated two doctors. She was also fired as a result of the merger.
P: Richard's assistant when he was chief.
Q: 'There is a land called Passive Agressiva, and you are their ____.'
R: Derek's girlfriend in season 4
S: Last name of plastic surgeon
T: 'Men don't buy _____'
U: Organization incharge of organ donations
V: 'Stop looking at my ____'
W: Miranda's son's name
X: Dr. Burke's middle name
Y: Last name of Meredith's person
Z: Season finale of season 1: Who's _____ Who?

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