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Tina Cohen-Chang was found dead in the auditorium. You're appointed by detectives & given 20 min to review info - however it's all anonymous. You must figure out the Glee member who applies. At the end, use all suspects as reference to get the final 3.

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Location of Suspect During IncidentSuspect NameBackground of Suspect
Rehearsing choreography backstage alone, accompanied by a radioCurrent boyfriend to victim, complications in relationship
Spoke to victim by East doors, hurried to father's car Hurt by victim, had 'beef' with the boyfriend
In detention unit, potential conspiracy plotPrevious flaws on criminal record, apathy for victim
Practicing a duet with Santana LopezHigh association with most suspects, previous personal affiliation with victim
Quote, 'That outfit is just... God, the hair...'Friend of victim, had mutual friends with victim
Trip to locker room to meet friend, post Glee rehearsalAKA 'Psycho', previous issues involving victim [directly, distantly]
Finding friend to practice duet and to 'flirt it up'Did not acknowledge existence of victim
Consuming sandwich in locker roomCurrent association with many suspects, intimate affiliation with 1 suspect
Reenacting 'Lady and the Tramp' sceneMuch current intimacy with 1 suspect, low trust among many
Heading to vanity area to fix ponytail and blush, post Glee rehearsalFocused on reputation, intends on eyes drawn to her, association with few suspects
In staff lounge with guidance counselor Emma PillsburyAware of victim's doing, in current custody and responsible of victim's well being
Busting butt with an 'amazing' duet to win [the competition]Reported confidential contact with many suspects, previous personal affiliation with 1 infamous suspect, claimed 'insulting' or 'demonic'
N/AHair: Brown, Eyes: Blue. Intermittent conflict with victim, 'beef' with 1 suspect who was intimate to victim as boyfriend, company to victim for many years and has obtained much information on victim, has potential ability to connect to the victim's location and actions [due to a largely similar condition between this suspect and the victim]
N/AHair: Blonde, Eyes: Green. Associated intimately with 2 suspects, goes lengths to receive reputation and attention, has been reported to have heavy contact with 1 suspect who has had issues involving victim
N/AHair: Black, Eyes: Hazel. Appears to be apathetic or oblivious of anyone's feelings besides their own, persistent cause of conflict and often excluding the concern of consequences due to impulse, associated with most suspects, confidentially/intimately affiliated with few suspects, holds a lengthy record of flaws, works well in conspiracy state and solo with valid motive

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