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Makes small Mario big so he can break bricks
Allows Mario to throw Fireballs
Makes Mario Temporarily invincible
Gives Mario the ability of Flight and to do a tail attack
Allows Mario to swim faster and jump higher
Allows Mario to fly, turn into a statue and use a tail attack
Allows Mario to throw Hammers
Allows Mario to fly for the entirety of the level
Allows Mario to Walk on Spikes and jump higher
Allows Mario to Shoot SuperBalls
Makes Mario slowly descend from the sky via a cape
Inflates Mario letting him float
Slows Mario's Decent and makes him jump
Gives Mario wings so he can soar in the sky
Makes Mario invisible so he can go through certain objects
Allows Mario to sink to the bottom of the water since he is very heavy
Inflates Mario, Makes Luigi invisible, Makes Wario Metal and lets Yoshi breath fire
Allows you to turn into Mario
Allows you to turn into Luigi
Allows you to turn into Wario
Allows Mario the throw ice
Allows Mario to slide in a shell
Turns Mario Mini
Turns Mario Giant
Temporarily speeds up time
Temporarily slows down time
Creates eight 8-bit Marios who trail behind him and attack for him
Creates a Giant 8-bit form of whoever you are using
Allows Mario to fly for a short time and stick to Honey Combs
Allows Mario to Become A boo
Turns Mario into a Spring
Allows Mario to fly; He is unaffected by gravity
Gives Mario invisibility
Allows Mario to fly through the Air and Drill through the Ground
Turns Mario into a Penguin
Enables Mario to make 3 cloud Platforms
Allows Mario to tun into a rock and roll into enemies
Makes Yoshi run super fast
Makes Yoshi puff up and float
Allows Yoshi to reveal and stand of platforms that would not usually be there
Allows Mario the Throw Boomerangs
Allows Mario to Throw Gold Fireballs
Turns Mario into a Flying Squirrel
Turns Mario into a Cat
Clones Mario up to 5 times
Allows Cat Mario to turn into a statue

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