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Italian Plumber, Platformer
Collect the Dots
Rings, Fast.
Sword, Medallions, Masks
Food, Powerups, Pink
Porky, PK____
Racing, ______ PUNCH
Monsters, Catch, Ball
Dragon, Bounty Hunter
Mythology, Angel
Monkey, Rolling
Life Simulation, Animals
Life Simulation, Humans
Blocks, Adventure, Sandbox
FPS, Zombies
Futuristic, FPS, Master Ch_____
Alien Planet, Onion
Fighting, Nintendo
Babies, Eggs
Mr L, Paper
Cloud Strife
2D, Sandbox
Aliens, Strategy, Pc Game
A little help here!, Flying
Guns, Boxes and Snakes
Robots, 0, SSB4
Barrels, Bongos, Bananas
Sandbox, Amusment park
Ghosts, Mansion

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