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Forced Order
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A group of prisoners that join together to make a football teamPaul Crewe
True story about the famous plane crash in 1970 that killed 37 football playersMatthew McConaughey
12 year old kid that plays with the Chicago cubsHenry Rollengarner
About a football team from Texas who is desparate for a State ChampionshipPermian Panthers
Itailian boxer who fights a russian boxerIvan Drago
Football team with a Head Coach who is obsessed with winningBud Kilmer
Team form T.C Williams High School in Alexandria, VirginiaHerman Boone
True story about a Homeless young teenager who gets taken in buy a local family and becomes an NFL football playerMichael oher
About a baseballl team who is playing on a budget and using a system called 'sabremetrics'Oakland A's

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