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Level of Explanation - biological
Level of Explanation - Interpersonal
Level of Explanation - Cultural and Social
The variations among people on physical or psychological dimensions
'Basic' structures of psych experience - Wundt
Attempt to understand particular psychology - James
Unconscious thoughts, feelings, etc. - Freud
Can't objectively study mind, but study behavior - Watson & Skinner
Studying the mental processes - Piaget
Study of social structures and cultures affect on behavior - Heider
Argued nature
Argued nurture
Commonly a western viewpoint, which is about valuing the self and one's independence
how people frequently change our beliefs and behaviors to be similar to those we care about
Common set of social norms
The focus on developing harmonious social relationships with others
Asking research participants to describe exactly what they experience as they work on mental tasks
Having a given characteristic helps the individual organism survive and reproduce at a higher rate than do other members of species who don't have the characteristic
Describes the desire a child may have for their mother's and a jealousy and anger for their father
Describes the desire a child may have for their father while are jealous and angry at their mothers
Motor Cortex; involved in motor skills, higher level cognition, and expressive language
Visual Cortex; involved in interpreting visual stimuli and information
Somatosensory cortex; involved in the processing of other tactile sensory information such as presence, touch, and pain
Auditory cortex; involved in the interpretation of the sounds and language we hear
Fight or Flight reflex system
Brings body back to normal after fight or flight
Controls the actions of skeletal muscle
Unconscious female component of male psyche
Unconscious male component of the female psyche
Symbolizes the 'totality of the personality'
Mask or image a person presents to the world
Side of a personality that a person does not consciously display in public
Specific expressions of the unconscious that have a definite, purposeful structure indicating an underlying idea or intention
Unconscious and repressed emotionally toned symbolic material that is incompatible with consiousness
Primordial images that reflect basic patterns or universal themes common to us all and that are present in the unconscious
View consciousness not as a single entity
Consciousness is a product of cultural influence having little to do with the individual
Consciousness is ingrained in neural systems and organic brain structures
Base their understandings of consciousness on computer science
The belief humans are inwardly whole
Sanskrit for 'circle'; symbol of wholeness, completeness, and perfection, symbolized 'self'
The idea that what one perceived was 'normality' often was the force that shattered the personality of the patient
Aspect of psych that does not enter an individual's awareness, but appears in overt behavior and dreams
Unconsciousness manifests in universal themes that run through all human life
Inner directed; needs privacy and space
Outer directed; needs sociability; chooses people as a source of energy
Creative, warm, intimate; sense of valuing positively or negatively; not same as emotion
Sensory; orientated toward the body and senses; detailed , concrete, and present
Sees many possibilities in situations; goes with hunches; impatient with earthy details
Personality test
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