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breaking a peptide bond requires 1 molecule of water for each peptide bond broken, this is called a:
Fat is a carrier of which vitamins?
3 rules of matter
breaks down carbohydrates
do not affect sweet taste buds
provide energy for life processes
compounds that do not have carbon and hydrogen
Most complex carbohydrate
hormone which is the simplest protein
proteins always contain a ______ group and a _______ group
Plant sugar
molecule which an enzyme works on
sugar part of DNA
2 categories of amino acids
controls speed of a reaction
chemical components of protein
4 basic components of a feedback loop
word ending that signals it's sugar
Lipids are composed of:
double stranded nucleic acid
structural components of cells
compact way of storing energy
50% of world's carbon in this form
Affects of an enzyme reaction
2 forms of starches
Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen ratio of carbohydrates (x:x:x)
Insulates us from cold
compounds that mostly have carbon and hydrogen
Fat serves as what for hormones?
largest most complicated molecule known to living things
maintaining of a constant state
most important element to life
produce antibodies
fat liquid at room temperature
the abbreviation for adenosine triphosphate is:
All disaccharides are formed in this process
2 important nucleic acids
Many sugars
exposing a protein to heat will cause:
center of an atom has a dense area called a:
makes up plant cell walls
chemical substance made of 2 or more elements
nucleotides consist of:
proteins are made of:
contain hereditary material
enzymes are identified by this ending
which can't we synthesize, essential or non-essential?
biological catalyst
every available bond in saturated fats have a:
2 sugars (Ex: sucrose 1 glucose + 1 fructose)
permanent change in protein shape
LDL stands for:
most important source of body's energy
unsaturated fats are _______ based
Simplest carbohydrate type
high levels of LDL can lead to:
what does DNA stand for
chemical that works on fats for absorption
HDL stands for:
the prefix 'pep' means
build/maintain muscle
fat solid at room temperature
which is considered better for you, HDL or LDL?
Insoluble in water
single stranded nucleic acid
how many ways can carbon bond
many sugar units
our bodies convert saturated fats into:
chemical reactions must proceed at ____ temperature
bond that holds amino acids together
how many different types of amino acids are there?
Which is commonly more health, saturated or unsaturated?
main source of carbohydrates
enzyme that breaks down protein
which has more oxygen, fat or carbohydrates?
atoms with a charge
form of polysaccharide
saturated fats are ___________ based
another word for fat
highly complex and integrated communication control system in order to accomplish self-regulation

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