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**** mike goes with to dinner on their anniversary
needs to be picked up
what is the blues song chris sings called?
where the kids supposedly went according to parents
what sarah takes from the desert table
what is stolen from brenda
cartoon character who is little girls hero
calendar girl
best friend to kid
drives tow truck
little girl who loses rollerskate
city where movie takes place
what they saw the freeway
babysitters ass of a boyfriend
what brad sees on the ground
owns dawsons
what mike's license plate says
has a crush on babysitter
what brad wants to do to mike
where chris is when the parents get home
what best friend thinks she finds on the floor
steals cars
who punches mike
what mike says to both sesame and chris
person who returns child's rollerskate
what is babysitting?
where sarah runs to
what the woman called her home at the sumbway
what the kids at 15 have that mike will never have

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