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Description for TeamAnswerDid you Know?
Record of 53-29, 1st in EastThis is the first time they clinched first in the East since 2008.
Record of 51-31, 3rd in EastThey have never made the Finals.
Record of 31-51, 12th in EastThey started 16-13, then tanked.
Record of 28-54, 14th in EastThey gave the Lakers their only playoff loss in 2001.
Record of 20-62, Last in EastThe've made the finals twice, never won it.
Record of 51-31, 2nd in EastThey are the only team to come back from 3-1 to win the Finals.
Record of 42-40, 6th in EastGiannis Antetokounmpo was in his first All-Star game this year.
Record of 42-40, 7th in EastThey were 1st in East twice since the new millenium, choke in the Conference Finals in both times.
Record of 41-41, 8th in EastThey won 6 rings in the 90s, including 2 threepeats.
Record of 37-45, 10th in EastThey upset the 56-26 Lakers in the 2004 Finals.
Record of 49-33, 4th in EastThis is their first division title since 1978.
Record of 43-39, 5th in EastThey dissapointed many people this year, were expected to win at least 50 games.
Record of 41-41, 9th in EastStarted 11-30 this season.
Record of 36-46, 11th in EastStarted 17-13 this season.
Record of 29-53, 13th in EastTraded away Serge Ibaka to Toronto.
Description for TeamAnswerDid you Know?
Record of 67-15, 1st in West1st team to recover from a 3-1 lead and blow a 3-1 lead in the same postseason.
Record of 51-31, 4th in WestHave never made Conference Finals.
Record of 32-50, 12th in West2002 Conference Finals rigged against them
Record of 26-56, 14th in West16 rings
Record of 24-58, Last in WestDevin Booker scored 70 points vs Celtics this year
Record of 51-31, 5th in WestFirst 50+ win-season since 2009-10
Record of 47-35, 6th in WestRussell Westbrook broke the single season triple-double record
Record of 41-41, 8th in WestDamian Lillard scores franchise-record 59 points in a 101-86 win over Jazz.
Record of 40-42, 9th in WestFirst 40+ win-season since 2012-13
Record of 31-51, 13th in WestFirst 30+ win-season since 2013-14, when the finished 40-42.
Record of 61-21, 2nd in WestHad a short-lived 1st seed in Mid-March
Record of 55-27, 3rd in WestJumped from 10th seed to 3rd seed over the course of the season.
Record of 43-39, 7th in WestHave not won 50+ games since 2014-15
Record of 34-48, 10th in WestHaven't made the playoffs since 2014-15
Record of 33-49, 11th in WestFirst time missed playoffs since 2000-01

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