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What is Dwight's porcupine's name?
What is Josh's nickname around Michael's condo?
What was Andy's first name before his parents changed it?
Name one of Jo Bennett's dogs.
What is Deangelo Vicker's middle name?
Why did Kelly spend a year in juvenile hall?
What is Meredith's relationship with the security guard of the building where Michael fell into the koi pond?
Name the cat that Angela bought with money from selling Andy's engagement ring.
Who beat Dwight in his second grade spelling bee?
What was the theme of Kelly's party that Jim and Dwight skipped, causing her to create false customer reviews?
What kind of drink does Andy order for two random men at a bar to help Oscar get laid?
How long was the red wire that Jim bought at a flea market to prank Dwight?
Name what Jim traded to Dwight for a telescope.
How long did Michael refrain from eating before his blood test?
What is Dwight's position/title at his dojo?
What health care plan did Michael first suggest to Jan?
How long did Andy spend in anger management?
What drink did Michael choose for Stanley because he was 'gonna hate it'?
What was Phyllis' nickname in high school?
Who does Creed get fired at the paper mill?

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