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QuoteMovie Titlenone
License and Registration, Chicken-******
I'll Be Back
Stay away from the frozen food section, your boobs will harden
I didn't know they stacked **** that high
You can derelick my balls, caputain
I'm in a glass cage of emotion
**** me right
I got the poo on me
I know you had an awesome time, Frank. I think the whole town knows you had an awesome time
QuoteMovie Titlenone
You ***holes better not cut me
A N***** and a S*** walk into a bar and the bartender says 'Get the **** Out'
A Priest and a Rabbi see a boy bending over and the priest says 'I'd like to screw that kid' and the rabbi says 'Outta What?'
Tonight we dine in hell
Water sucks, it really really sucks, water sucks
Funny how, like I amuse you, am I here for your entertainment
So your gonna quit your job? No, I'm just not gonna go
Suck brick kid!
Alright now the tuxedos seem kind of F***** up
I am the CLIT commander!

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