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Political: How many Prime Ministers did Italy have from 1896 to 1915 ?-
Political: Name three Italian political Parties in this periodLiberals were not a party
Political: When and what was the Gentiloni Pact ?-
Political: In how many seats did the CEU allege to have influenced the result of in the 1913 Election ?-
Political: How many seats did the PSI win in 1900 ?-
Political: What percentage of the vote did the PSI win in 1913 ?Now controlled by the Maximalists
Political: How many males had the vote before 1912 ?Women did not have the vote until 1946
Political: How many males had the vote after the 1912 Suffrage Reform ?Males over 30 now had the vote with the removal of literacy qualifications
Economic: By how much did Italy increase Steel Production from 1890 to 1915 ?-
Economic: By how much did real wages increase from 1890 to 1913 ?Partially due to the Giolittian Reforms
Economic: By how much did the Italian rail network increase in the period 1880 to 1913 ?This was the largest of all the Great Powers
Economic:How many automobile manufacturers were there in Italy by 1915 ?32 of these were in Turin
Economic:What was the national income (GNP) in 1895 ?-
Economic: What was the national income (GNP) by 1915 ?-
Economic: By 1914 what does Robson say Italy is best described as ?-
Economic: By 1913 what proportion was the maize crop was grown in the North ?-
Economic: How much was the average maize crop yield (per hectare) in Lombardy by 1913 ?In Sicily the equivalent figure was 0.52 tons
Social: What was the death rate in the North by 1900 (per 1000) ?-
Social: What was the death rate in the South by 1900 (per 1000) ?-
Social: How many immigrants to the USA were there in the period 1894 to 1914 ?-
QuestionAnswerOther Information
Social: Approxmately what number of people died of malaria every year in 1900 ?-
Social Unrest: What was the price of wheat (per ton) in Milan in mid-1887 ?-
Social Unrest: What was the equivalent price by April 1898 ?-
Social Unrest: How many people were killed in the May 1898 Milan Riots ?-
Social Unrest: Which King was assasinated by Bresci in July 1900 ?-
Social Unrest: How many were made casulties as a result of the Bava-Beccaris Massacre in May 1898 ?Figures vary depending upon Government or Opposition source
Religion: When was the Syllabus of Errors published ?Asserted the Papacy's Temporal Power
Religion: In which year did the Pope refuse to recognise the Italian State ?-
Religion: In which year did the Pope attempt to prevent Italian Catholics voting ?-
Religion: When was the Roman Question finally solved ?Done in the Lateran Treaty
Foreign Policy: What colonies did Italy gain by 1915 ?-
Foreign Policy: Italian claims to which modern North African nation were denied in the 1878 Berlin Conferenc ?-
Foreign Policy: Which alliance did Italy join in 1882 ?-
Foreign Policy: What did Bismarck describe Italy as having in 1878 ?-
Military: How large was the Italian Army by 1915 ?-
Military: How many Italians were killed at Adowa in 1896 ?-
Military: How many battleships did Italy have by 1915 ?-
Military: How many modern battleships did Britain have ?Britain had 65 in total
Military: How heavy was the Italian Andrea Doria class battleship ?-
Military: What size guns did the Andrea Doria class carry ?Queen Elizabeth class had 15 inch weapons

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