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DescriptionArtist's NameMost Famous For...
Italian Mannerist Painter (1532-1625)Self-Portraits and Portraits
Italian Baroque Painter (1593-1652)Historical/Religious paintings, Highly publicized rape
Flemish Baroque Painter (1594-1657)Flower and Breakfast Still-Lifes
Dutch Baroque Painter (1609-1660)Genre scenes
Dutch Baroque Painter (1664-1750)Flower Still-Lifes
Italian Rococo Painter (1675-1757)Pastel Portraits
Swiss Neoclassical Painter (1741-1807)History/Mythological Paintings
French Rococo/Neoclassical Painter (1755-1842)Self-Portraits and Portraits
French Realist Painter (1822-1899)Horse paintings
African-American Textile Artist (1837-1911)Quilts of Biblical scenes
American Impressionist Painter (1844-1926)Scenes of mothers and children, Domestic life
African-American Neoclassical Sculptor (1845-1911)“Forever Free” Marble Sculpture
French Sculptor (1864-1943)Work and personal relationship with Auguste Rodin
French Post-Impressionist Painter (1865-1938)Candid female nudes, Linear style
German Expressionist Printmaker & Sculptor (1867-1945)Emotional artwork in response to poverty and war
German Expressionist Painter (1876-1907)Scenes of mothers and children, Portraits
Ukrainian-French Abstract Painter & Designer (1885-1979)Colorful paintings of geometric shapes, Co-founding Orphism
Brazilian Modernist Painter (1886-1973)Urban landscapes, Abstract figurative work
DescriptionArtist's NameMost Famous For...
American Painter (1887-1986)Close-up still-lifes of flowers and skulls
German Dadaist Painter & Collage Artist (1889-1978)Photomontage collage
African-American Abstract Expressionist Painter (1891-1978)Paintings of irregular, brightly colored patterns
American Social Realist Photographer (1895-1965)Documentary photography of Great Depression
Italian-Mexican Photographer (1896-1942)Documenting Mexican muralist movement, peasants and workers
Mexican Painter (1907-1954)Self-portraits that symbolically articulate her own pain
American Abstract Expressionist Painter (1908-1984)Marriage to Jackson Pollack
German-Swiss Surrealist Sculptor (1913-1985)“Object,” a.k.a. “Breakfast in Fur”
German-American Minimalist Painter & Sculptor (1936-1970)Assemblages with latex, wires, fiberglass, and plastics
American Feminist Painter & Installation Artist (1939-)Womanhouse, “The Dinner Party,” & “The Holocaust Project”
Cuban-American Performance Artist (1948-1985)Imprints of her body in mud or sand
French-American Abstract Expressionist Sculptor (1911-)“La Fillette” & “Maman” Spider Sculpture
American Abstract Expressionist Painter (1928-)“Color Field” painting & “Soak stain” oil technique
British Op-Art Painter (1931-)Optical illusions using stripes and check patterns
American Photorealist Painter & Sculptor (1931-)“Marilyn (Vanitas)” & “Kennedy Motorcade”
American Conceptual Artist (1945-)Red Futura Bold captions on black & white photographs
African-American Installation Artist (1969-)Silhouettes depicting slavery, violence, and sex

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