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They're so excited and they just can't hide it.
This man's the boss.
The power of love will take them Back to the Future.
Middle sister of this famous family posed for Playboy twice.
Sing a song for this tambourine man.
Take a look at this man in the mirror.
Oldest brother of a band that sang songs about ABCs and wanting you back
This man went his own way with Stevie Nicks.
This guy's really footloose.
He played keyboardist for Toto.
Go for a ride on his banana boat, singing 'Day-o'.
She's got her Bette Davis Eyes on you.
Prince's best drummer girl.
This girl just wants to have fun.
This man is an island in the stream with Dolly Parton.
Wasn't signed by Motown but the youngest brother of the members of this famous band. it him you're looking for?
Watch out for these maneaters.
What's love got to with her?
This man worked a miracle as a lead singer of his group.
His daughters are really named Peaches and Pixie
You're always on this country crooner's mind.
She's supreme.
Most notable member of band L.T.D.
Sing along with this known piano man.
Jazz singer who sang the theme for 'Moonlighting'
Isn't he lovely?
Another member of Toto.
Member of this Motown band that played guitar with his four brothers.
Sang a duet with Linda Ronstadt about a cartoon Russian mouse.
He was a lead journeyman.
This man better hit the road, Jack.
She sang a little song for you.
Canadian funnyman best known for being a ghostbuster and a 'wild and crazy guy'.
This country singer sang the theme for TV show 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.
One of the middle brothers of Motown's youngest band.
You're the wind beneath her wings.
This singer sang alongside Garfunkel.

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