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Forced Order
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Kity felt lazerbeams being fired at her head
She says she wants to be a sociologist, But she better first get checked by a neurologist
Lucy had a lumpy head
She take me on I never fail to ride on the redundant rail
Right angle rooms drive me crazier each day Put me in a box I know I'm never going to play
And I look into her eyes and my frozen heart begins to thaw
Cause I can see through the lines
Mr Palmer is concerned with the thousand dollar question
Sunrise over the turquoise mountains, messenger birds in sight
Copernicus drank from a vessel that stank, from a freemasons cranked to the overflow tank
It was late one fall night
A thousand barefoot children dancing on my lawn
Rye rye rocco
And I take a wrong turn and I'm on the wrong path And the people all watching enjoy a good laugh
It's been ten long years since I've left my home in the hollow where I was born
All I know is its a pity life can't be simple again
Do you know what happened then do you know why we're still friends
Bummed is what you are when come out to your car and its been towed
I see the path ahead of me
Come hide in the heard and float in the flock
Whatever you do take care of your shoes
If you can heal the symptoms but not affect the cause
But this time will be different until I do it again
Lord knows I'm standing and I got nowhere to go
Didn't seem to miss you when you kissed my honey water
We have no regrets
28 teeth inside of my head
Because a week is a month and an hour a day
When I try to step aside I moved to where they hoped I'd be
Blind me with ambition like a razor to the throat cast aside your foolish pride I'll cast the final vote
if life were easy and not so fast I wouldn't think about the past
His eyes were clear and pure but his mind was so deranged
I'm looking through, and it all would be so crystal clear
Got a blank space where my mind should be
All the way home we felt we had a chance
The creatures that seem, oh so kind And sleep all day and ease your mind
Where is the joker?
his answer came in actions he never spoke a word
Maybe so, maybe not

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