Trapped in the Drive Thru lyrics - Weird Al

Can you name the Trapped in the Drive Thru lyrics by Weird Al?

1st line2nd line
7 o'clock in the evening watching something stupid on T.V.
And she says is this behind the music with Lynard Skynard?
She says I kinda had a big lunch, so I'm not super hungry
She said so what do you have in mind?
She says I don't care if you're hungry, let's eat
But first you've gotta tell me what it is you're hungry for
I said well there's tuna I know
I said is the chili okay?
I hopped up and I said I dont know do you wanna get something delivered?
I'm like no, I said delivered
I'm like, I should know what I said
Well I was gonna say something
Now who could be calling me?
It was just cousin Larry calling for the third time today
I said okay.
She says why don't you whip up something in the kitchen
And then she says baby can't we just go out to dinner please
She says yes
She says yes
She says yes
I step a little bit closer
She says how about the Ivy?
I don't feel like getting all dressed up and eating expensive food
I say nah, I'm not in the mood
She says just forget about
Then I get an idea
She says what
She says WHAT
So we head out the front door
Then I open the car doors
Put my key in the ignition
Then we fasten our seatbelts
Then we drive to the drive thru
We're approaching the drive thru
Almost there at the drive thru
1st line2nd line
Here in line at the drive thru
Well here we are in the drive thru line, me and her
All just waiting to order
With his brights on behind me
My wife says maybe we should park
I said I'm wearing bunny slippers
Now a woman on a speaker box is sayin
I said yes indeed you certianly can
Then my wife says baby, hold on I've changed my mind
I said you always get a cheeseburger
I put my head in my hands and scream
The voice on the speaker says
I said then take our order, and we'll be on our way
She's like you want onions on that?
Plus we need curly fries
And two medium rootbeers
Then I said I'm guessing that you're probably not too bring
She says
Two, you want a cheeseburger
STOP, don't go no further
Then she says we're having a special I supersized you at no charge
And she says now there's something else, that I really think you should know
I said great, except we're in the drivethru, so what would I want that for?
And my wife is all like no that ain't Paul, now tell me who's this Paul?
I sat behind him last year and I copied off of him in geometry
He was prematuely bald and moved to Pittsburg last summer
And she says mister please you can stop right there
And then we both were quiet, and things got real intense
So we inched ahead in line
I got a little bored so
Click, turned it off because my wife was getting a headache
Then I looked at her
And I said
She turned away from me, and then turned back and said did I get it?
Then she said how 'bout now?
1st line2nd line
There's still a little bit there
Now we're at the pay window
Put my hand in my pocket
And the lady at the window's like
I turn around to my wife, and say how much have you got on you?
So she reaches into her purse and busts out the American Express
And she says oh dear
I took back the card and said gee really well that sucks
I said I thought you were gonna hit the ATM today
And I said nevermind, just help me to find some change
And she says mister please, we gotta move this line along
So I looked around inside the glove box
I found an nickel in an ash tray
Before long I had a little pile of coins of every sort
And now my woman's got this weird look frozen on her face
And so I turned around
I shrugged and said okay
So i pick up my change
And I drive to the pick up window
And now we see this acne ridden kid about sixteen
And he hands me a paper bag
And I said to him hey Eugene
Well he looks at me
And he looks at me
And he looks at me
And he says I'm sorry what did you want again
And he says oh yeah that's right
And then he hands me the ketchup
And the food is driving me mad
I'm starving to death by the time we pull up at the traffic light
So she reaches in the bag
And she hands me the burger
And then I unwrap the paper
And I just can't believe it

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