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MLB player in the locker room of their health club.
Catcher for the softball team from her Broadway show, Rochelle, Rochelle.
Campaigns with a platform that includes cracking down on frozen yogurt shops that falsely claim their yogurt is non-fat.
Man who swipes Jerry's gyro on the subway.
Had a major crush on George while he was engaged.
Met her new secretary, Steven Snell
TV Host that says, 'I'm sorry, it is just a very unusual shirt. It could be kind of a whole new look for you... you know, you could be kind of like the pirate comedian.'
George tells him his idea for the perfect L.A. Law episode
Jerry appeared on his late night talk show.
Kramer tells him he has promised a sick boy that he will hit two home runs in that day's game
Kramer runs into this star at a cafe in Los Angeles, and tries to pitch his script
Kramer appears on his show to promote his coffee table book about coffee tables.
Bit Kramer's arm and George thinks he bought a Chrysler LeBaron from him
After giving him some tips on his swings, George convinces Yankees manager Showalter to switch from polyester to cotton uniforms.
Hosts his own show which features the news story about the trial of the four.
the 'second spitter' that spat on Kramer and Newman.
Talking on the phone to Jerry, telling him he has been bumped from the show, due to a bad review of his performance at a junior high school assembly.
Gets fired by Kramer from the Scarsdale Surprise play, then cat-fights with Elaine.
The comedian and entertainer who sponsored Jerry's membership at the Friar's Club and who readily exposed George as not 'being in show business'.
During his tenure as assistant to the Yankees' traveling secretary, George is temporarily brilliant from lack of sex and teaches them how to hit.

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