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katniss's sister
Head gamemaker
hits katniss on head with coil of wire in arena
katniss's bestfreind
president of panem
head peacekeeper in 12
katniss and prim's mom
district 10 refugee
tries to kill katniss in 13's hospital
gave katniss mockingjay pin
heavensbees assistant
president of 13
airtime assult mastermind and victor
hot victor from district four
finnicks wife
katniss's stylist
cat and goat
girls from 8 that were dressed in peacekeepers outfits
host of the Hunger Games
victor but died in 75th Hunger games
victor but died in 75th Hunger games
Peeta and Katniss's mentor
coins right-hand; katniss's squad leader
victor from district 2
katniss's prep team
katniss's prep team
katniss's prep team
buys wild dog from katniss and gale in hob
gales mother
gales 5 year old sister
district 12 escort
girl from seam; gets gales mother after wipping
ally from dirsrict 11; 74th hunger games
finnicks arena partner and ally; dies in 75th hunger games
dead tribute from 74th hg (boy) killed by mutts district 2
dead tribute from 74th hg (girl) killed by thresh district 2
assistaint director
commander of 8
avox camraman
old headpeacekeeper in 12
peetas stylist
optimistic girl from 12; good freinds with Peeta
peacekeeper in 12 who was turned into and avox and tourtured to death
Commander of 2
women solider in katniss's sqad
dies frome dart to brain
second in command of squad
part of sqad; dies in barbwire net
part of sqad; good shooter
redhead avox
sells furry underwear;hides katniss and squad
Katniss's doctor in the capitol. said shis is mentally an avox
gales crewmate

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