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How many districts there?
How mant tributes are in each game?
Who are the girl tributes in the first game?( in district order)
Who are the boy tributes in the fisrt games?(in order of district)
How was Foxface killed?
Who killed her?
Who was killed by the wolf mutts?
What does Katniss notice about the wolf mutts?
Who kills Clove?
Who kills Thresh?
Who kills Glimmer?
What does Katniss do when she finds Rue dieing?
What does Madge give Katniss?
What does Mr. Mellark give Katniss?
What does he promise her?
Who does Mrs. Mellark think will win, Katniss or Peeta?
Who is Katniss's and Peeta's mentor?
What did he do at the reaping?
Who calles Prims name to be in the games?
Who carries Prim away?
Where did Gale and Katniss meet?
what is Katniss's choice of weapon?
How did she learn to use it?
what was her traing score?
How did she get such a high score?(shot________ at pig which had an_________ in its mouth)
What is here nickname from gale?
What do the people of Panem call her?
Who is her stylist?
Member of Prep team.
Member of Prep team.
Member of Prep team.
Peetas stylist?
His favorlte color?
Katniss's favorite color?
What do Peetas parents own?
What color are Katniss's eyes?
What color is her hair?
What color is Peetas hair?
What color are his eyes?
Who is his childhood freind?
What did he give her in the rain behind the bakery?
What is the industry of District 12?
President of Panem?
Games interveiwer?
Games anouncer?
What sound that the tributes can leave the place?
What is Katniss's favorite meal in the Capitol?
What is the first section of The Hunger Games?
What is the name of the second book?
Third book?
In the second book what is the name of the hunger games?
What does Plutarch Hevensbee try to tell Katniss at the party?
When does it start?
Who does Katniss meet in the woods?
Who are the victor tributes from district 3?
Who are the victor tributes from 4?
Whos spot does Mags take at the reaping?
Who saved Peetas life by preforming CPR?
Who sacrafices there life for Peeta?
Who saved Beetee and Wiress for Katniss?
What are the two mutts in this arena?
Who figures out the arena is a clock?
What does wiress have in her hand when she dies?
What is the first section of Catching Fire?
What does Peeta give Katniss?
How does the force feild aroung the arena break?
Is the arena bombed?
Who is rescued from the arena?
Who is kiddnapped fron the arena?
Whos face does Katniss see first when she is lifted into the hovercraft?
Who does Katniss scratch on the face?
What is the first part of Mockingjay?
Who is the presidint of district 13?
Who is the comnder of 8?
who is the comander of 2?
What happens to the hospital in 8?
What happens to Katniss in 2?
Does Katniss get to go to ther Capitol?
Who is left of 'The Star Squad' when they get to Tigirs?(soliders)
Who does Katniss assassin?
Who becomes the new presidint of Panem?

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