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This first Mesopotamian empire reached its height under Sargon.
This man, the future second president of the United States, defended British soldiers after the Boston Massacre.
This capital city of the Netherlands was once the richest in the world during the 17th Century.
Harun al-Rashid ruled this caliphate during its Golden Age.
This country, which gained its independence from France in 1962, is the largest country in Africa.
The capital city of this empire, which was conquered by Hernán Cortés in the 16th Century, was Tenochtitlan.
This October 25, 1415 battle was a decisive English victory in the Hundred Years' War.
This Norwegian explorer became the first to voyage to both poles.
Fought on September 17, 1862, and resulting in 22,717 casualties, this battle was the deadliest single-day battle in American history.
During World War I, 1.5 million people were murdered by the Ottoman Empire in this genocide.
A student of Plato, this man impacted philosophy and tutored Alexander the Great.
Visited by Captain James Cook, this country was once a British penal colony.
This Egyptian city once held a massive library and lighthouse, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
The Taika Reform marked the end of this period in which Buddhism had been introduced to Japan.
Led by figures such as Frederick Douglass, this movement in the United States sought to end slavery.
This palace, built during the Moorish occupation of Spain, also served as a fortress and is located in Granada.
Originally called Amenhotep IV, this Egyptian pharaoh introduced worship of the god Aten.
This pope was known for his affairs, corruption, and connection to the Borgia family.
Also known as 'The Battle of the Three Emperors,' this battle is considered one of Napoleon's greatest successes.
In 1861, this Russian tsar signed an order emancipating the serfs.

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