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Known as the cradle of civilization, this area of land near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers was the center of many Mesopotamian civilizations.
The assassination of this man in 1914 was the spark that triggered World War I.
Beginning in 1789, this revolution resulted in the so-called 'Reign of Terror' and the abolition of the monarchy.
This Japanese clan, which reached its height during the Heian Period, gained influence by marrying off daughters to emperors.
One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, this man was also known for his contributions to science and electricity.
This is the name of the imperial palace located in modern-day Beijing and constructed during the Ming Dynasty.
Characterized by extreme nationalism and oppressive rule, this system of government rose in Italy and Germany in the 1930s.
This social, political, and economic system involving serfs, vassals, and lords was the dominant system in Europe during the Middle Ages.
The author of 'The Theory of the Four Movements,' this French Utopian Socialist decried poverty and advocated for the rights of women.
The essence of Buddha's teachings, these involve acknowledging suffering and how suffering can be ended.
Created by Stalin, these were lists of economic goals to be achieved within a certain amount of time.
This was the name for Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jewish population.
King of Prussia during the Seven Years' War, this man supported the Enlightenment and the arts.
Cairo was the last capital of this Shi'ite caliphate which offered some degree of religious freedom to Coptics and Jews.
Coming to power in Spain preceding World War II, this dictator ruled for 36 years and was supported by Hitler and Mussolini.
During World War II, this country worked with Germany to prevent occupation or a Soviet invasion.
Mass production techniques such as the use of the assembly line were popularized and expanded by this man in the car industry.
This island nation north of New Zealand gained its independence from the British in 1970.
The capital of Sierra Leone, this city was first set up by former slaves.
On April 12, 1861, this battle, fought near Charleston, South Carolina, became the first of the American Civil War.

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