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This man, later US President, was appointed Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe in preparation for Operation Overlord.
Initially built for the 1889 World Fair, this Parisian structure is now one of the most iconic landmarks in the world.
Known for his theory of relativity, this German physicist played an important role in recommending the US start construction of a nuclear bomb.
After the first battle in this same Egyptian town, the Allies, under British General Montgomery, were able to decisively defeat Germany.
This was the name of the first island that Napoleon was exiled to, which he eventually escaped.
Daughter of Henry VIII's second wife, this queen of England defeated the Spanish armada and encouraged the arts and exploration
Before the French Revolution, this governmental body was made of three classes, or estates - the clergy, nobility, and commoners.
During the 17th Century, this movement centered on reason and individual achievement spread throughout Europe and challenged traditional religious and political thought.
Many ancient Mesopotamian civilizations built their communities around these two 'twin' rivers: the Tigris and __________.
Founded in 1993, this organization was meant to be an economic and political alliance between European nations.
With a capital city of Quito, this South American country's history was influenced by both the Inca and the Spanish.
This Canadian city in the province of Alberta is home to the first licensed airfield in Canada.
This is the name given to the failed mission ordered by Jimmy Carter to rescue American hostages at the embassy in Iran in 1980.
This Roman proclamation made under the rule of Constantine I gave Christians religious toleration in the Roman Empire.
Often symbolized by the spokes on a dharma wheel, this is a list of eight practices Buddhists should follow to attain Nirvana.
Created by the Spanish in the Americas, this system allowed those given a grant by the king to use (often forced) Native American labor.
This Dutch author of 'The Praise of Folly' criticized some aspects of the Catholic Church during the Reformation but agreed with others like the concept of free will.
Founded by Epicurus, the end goal of this system of philosophy is pleasure, but it must be attained through simple means.
Considered by many to be the first great work of literature, this Mesopotamian epic follows the adventures of the king of Uruk.
Haile Selassie became emperor of this African country in 1930 and famously said to the world of the Italian invasion, 'It is us today. It will be you tomorrow.'

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