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Signed in 1122, this compromise between Henry V of Germany and the pope restricted the religious power of the former and political power of the latter.
Named after a presidential retreat, these were signed (under Jimmy Carter's presidency) by the leaders of Egypt and Israel, assuring peace after decades of conflict.
Founder of the Mauryan Empire, this man was also the first to unify India.
This member of the Carolingian Dynasty ruled the Frankish kingdom at its height and reformed the administration system.
This ancient Chinese philosopher stressed the importance of, among other things, social and familial structure and relationships.
Fought in 1346, this battle was the first major English victory in the Hundred Years' War.
In 1998, this man became president of Venezuela.
Titled the 'Lord Protector' of England, this man installed a military dictatorship over the country after winning the civil war.
This was a series of religious wars fought during the Middle Ages under the premise of 'taking back the Holy Land.'
The Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876 is often referred to as this because of the death of General George Custer.
This Chinese man is often credited with the invention of paper.
A product of the Protestant Reformation, one of the main tenets of this religion is predestination.
This system, which divided society into levels of groups of people sharing an occupation, emerged in ancient Indian civilization.
This was the site of a 1986 nuclear disaster that rendered the surrounding area uninhabitable and sent radiation throughout Europe.
This city, famously led by Hannibal, fought the Roman Empire in the Punic Wars.
Meeting in 1814, this congress restored to European countries their pre-Napoleonic borders.
This term is used to refer to the 13-day long standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union regarding the placement of nuclear missiles in Cuba.
The Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975 in this country, and would later become responsible for genocide.
Under this Roman emperor, the Edict of Milan, which gave Christians religious toleration, became law.
The Great Pyramid of Giza, the last remaining Ancient Wonder of the World, is located on the outskirts of this capital city.

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