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This 12th Century Archbishop of Canterbury was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.
Famous for his 'Cross of Gold' speech, this man unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States three times.
This operation was Hitler's plan to invade the Soviet Union during World War II.
Under the rule of Justinian, this empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, reached its height.
Also known as 'The Plague,' this pandemic killed millions of people in Europe during the 14th Century.
Russia exited World War I after the Peace of __________.
In 1971, this country was formed after Eastern and Western Pakistan broke apart.
This 1917 declaration announced British support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.
This violent 1900 Chinese uprising sought to oust Christians and foreigners.
Meaning 'lightning war,' this term was used to describe Nazi Germany's approach to battle.
Called by Otto von Bismarck, this 1885 conference laid down rules for the European occupation of Africa.
Fidel Castro overthrew this Cuban dictator who rose to power in 1952.
This capital of Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous central Asian country, originally served as a caravan rest stop on the Silk Road.
This Soviet doctrine declared the Soviet right to intervene in eastern European affairs.
Known as 'The Way of the Warrior,' this was the code of honor and conduct used by Japanese samurai.
This man, known as 'The Liberator,' is credited with achieving independence for Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador.
Led by Hammurabi at its peak, this Mesopotamian empire was eventually defeated by the Hittites.
This prime minister of Canada during World War I helped achieve greater Canadian autonomy from the British Empire.
The ruling in this American Supreme Court case declared segregation in schools unconstitutional.
Once controlled by France, this west African country previously named Dahomey is now known as what?

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