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Maria Theresa's ascension to power led to this 18th century European conflict.
This Assyrian king, known for his brutality, defeated the Kushite Kingdom in Egypt.
This Macedonian military leader conquered the Persian Empire but failed to conquer India.
This was the main herbicide used by the U.S. during the Vietnam War.
In hopes of avoiding war, Neville Chamberlain practiced this policy and agreed to let Hitler annex the Sudetenland.
The proliferation of weapons (often nuclear) by the US and USSR during the Cold War is known as this.
This territory was annexed by Germany in 1871 and 1940, but is now part of modern-day France.
In 1944, this major battle resulted in the Allied conquest of Rome.
In 1521, this empire was conquered by Hernán Cortés.
Germany's defenses along the beaches of France to prevent an Allied invasion were known collectively as this.
The invasion of Palestine by Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian, and Jordanian forces in 1948 led to this war.
Introduced by the Soviet Union in 1949, this Kalashnikov assault rifle is still one of the most common in the world.
This powerful weapon developed by the Manhattan Project has only ever been used twice in combat.
This 1805 battle during the Napoleonic Wars resulted in an important French victory.
This 18th century war resulted in American independence from Great Britain.
This Mauryan emperor, who later converted to Buddhism, conquered the Kalinga region of India.

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