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What is the name of Ryan's hometown?
What clothing apparel is Ryan known for?
Seth is known for making what?
In order, what were Julie Cooper's 4 Love interests throughout the seasons?
What was Summer's dad's occupation?
What did Seth lie to Summer about?
Kirsten Cohen has a reputation to be bad at ______?
What is the name of Marissa's female love interest?
In what town do the Cohen's live?
What sport did Ryan play briefly?
What are the names of Kirsten's two sisters?
The infamous holiday created by Seth?
Summer's letter to mr. cohen talks about Seth's usage of ______?
At one point, Seth is simultaneously dating who?
Where does Marissa almost die from overdosing?
Who is driving the car that kills Marissa in season 3?
The name of Seth's boat that he sails away in after season 1?
What are the names of Seth & Summers toy animals?
Who is the perfectionist who tries to get Marissa kicked out of school?
How much money did Kristen get willed from her father?
What did Jimmy Cooper do to get himself in so much trouble?
Where did Jimmy first get physically confronted about not having the money to pay back?
When Marissa helped out her sister Kaitlin, what did she dress up as?
Sandy Cohen's mom is dying from what?
What food is always known to be in the Cohen Kitchen?
Who does Marissa meet at counseling ?
What color sweatshirt does Summer get Marissa after her acceptance into berkley?
On graduation day, they're all wearing these around their necks.
What theme do Summer and Seth make Marissa's room in Jimmy's new place?
Julie Cooper pays off Trey $20,000 if he says these three words...
Who is in a coma during season 3?
When confessing his love to Summer, Seth stands on this...
Marissa and Ryan first kiss, where?
In the 4th Season, what is the book named after Taylor Townsend written by her French boy?
Summer and Seth steal this from the school and get caught by Taylor & the Dean-
What song is playing when Marissa dies?
Finish these lyrics: California here we come
What item is stolen from the auction?
Where are Luke and Ryan when Luke first finds out his father is gay?
Where does Seth stay after he sails away from Newport?

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