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Can you name the Fire Emblem Fates: Characters By Class Set?

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Class SetCharacterMisc Info
Outlaw*, Ninja, Fighter
Diviner, Apothecary
Cavalier*, Wyvern Rider, Mercenary
Samurai, Shrine Maiden
Cavalier, Mercenary
Mercenary, Ninja
Samurai*, Oni Savage, Monk
Troubadour*, Mercenary
Troubadour*, Cavalier
Wyvern Rider, Fighter
Dark Mage, Outlaw
Archer, Ninja
Dark Mage*, Troubadour
Fighter, Cavalier
Sky Knight, Samurai
Wolfskin, Fighter
Villager, Archer
Troubadour, Wyvern Rider
Monk, Apothecary
Samurai*, Sky Knight
Spear Fighter, Apothecary
Fighter, Troubadour
Archer, Spear Fighter
Ninja, Samurai
Class SetCharacterMisc Info
Monk*, Samurai, Apothecary
Ninja, Samurai
Apothecary*, Samurai, Monk
Outlaw, Troubadour, Apothecary
Dark Mage, Samurai
Knight, Fighter
Diviner, Oni Savage
Samurai, Oni Savage
Oni Savage, Ninja
Outlaw, Dark Mage
Wyvern Rider*, Dark Mage
Knight, Troubadour
Cavalier*, Wyvern Rider
Nohr Prince/Princess, Varies
Sky Knight, Spear Fighter
Ninja, Diviner
Wyvern Rider*, Knight, Outlaw
Songstress, Sky Knight
Troubadour*, Dark Mage, Mercenary
Mercenary, Sky Knight
Sky Knight*, Diviner, Ninja
Shrine Maiden, Sky Knight
Kitsune, Diviner
Cavalier, Dark Mage

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