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Yakutsk can be found alongside this river
Prominent ruler who came to power in 1206
Chennai & Chittagong both lie on this water body
The Jordan River empties into this water body
Kazakhstan's largest lake*
Largest island in the Philippines
River dividing northeastern China from Russia
China's largest territorial division***
Strip of land separating Tajikistan & Pakistan
Kuala Lumpur can be found on this peninsula
This port city sits at Asia's longest river's mouth
This & the West Bank are Palestinian Territories
Large sand desert of Southern Arabia
2011 Syrian President
Island chain 'linking' Hokkaido w/ Kamchatka
Water body located between Vietnam & Brunei
Highest peak of the Karakoram Range
Capital of Japan prior to Tokyo
Country formerly known as East Pakistan**
Mountain range running down western Iran
The exclave of Musandam sits on this strait
Country w/ W border oft set by the Mekong R.
Capital of Turkmenistan
Most common religious denomination in Iran
Most spoken language in Pakistan
Largest port city on the Red Sea
Region of N Iraq, SE Turkey, NE Syria, & NW Iran
Jakarta resides on the edge of this island
With 1 int'l airport, there's a dragon on its flag
Indian mountain range W of the Eastern Ghats

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