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Can you name the following geographic features of Antarctica?

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Ocean Current encircling Antarctica
Largest Island
Island Chain just N of the Antarctic Peninsula
Water body between Antarctica & S. America
Highest Point of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet
Largest Ice Shelf
Transcontinental Range parting E & W Antarctica
Term for isolated barren rock peak(s) in snow/ice area
Largest Lake**
The South Pole can be found on this plateau
Australian claimed territory W of Adélie Land
Last country to make a territorial claim (1942)
Water body East of the Amundsen Sea
Land to the West of the Ronne Ice Shelf
Southernmost Volcano
Sea between West & Shackleton Ice Shelves
Highest Mountain
Southernmost community/research station
Bay serving as Amundsen's disembarkation spot
Largest* Community; it's located approx. 166ºE
Berkner I.*** divides Ronne Ice Shelf & this one
Mountain cluster in UK/Argentine/Chilean Claims
Land S of Graham Land on Antarctic Peninsula
Largest swath of unclaimed territory
Largest native animal that could be found on land
Big, East Antarctica Ice Shelf found at 70ºS 70ºE
Water body East of the Antarctic Peninsula
Mainland territory claimed by Norway
Year the Antarctic Treaty came into effect
Largest species of penguin

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