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Name the things beginning with 'N' in the UK

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Historical town and county in the North of Scotland, now part of the Highlands
Lough _____: largest lake in the UK
Town in South Wales located in its namesake county _____ Port Talbot
River ____ which flows into the Wash, Peterborough lies upon it
Loch ____: second deepest loch in Scotland, famed for its monster
National park located in Hampshire
Most populous city in the North-East of England
South-East Welsh city that hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup
Popular surfing destination in Cornwall
County in which Norwich lies in East Anglia
Sea which separates the UK from Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands
Largest county in England
East Midlands town located in namesake shire, known historically for shoemaking
One of the four countries that make up the UK
National park and county located in the North-East of England
City in the East Midlands who's sheriff legendarily conteded with Robin Hood

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